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DIVERSE Welcomes submissions on cultural diversity. We love to share our vision with writers, photo journalists and artists.




What and whom we are looking for

We are seeking contributors to write stories on diverse culture, art, heritage and people. Our passion is to discover and publish stories that havení»t yet been explored. Please, send your proposal or your writing sample with a brief introduction about yourself. 

Depending on your proposal and experience, we will discuss the assignment soon.  Preference will be given to those with cross cultural understanding or those interested in learning more about diverse cultures.

We are also looking for people who may be challenged to find work in magazines due to any barriers. If you have some ideas to share please contact us. We will be including stories about Canadian artistic, cultural, social and historical heritage. We love to work with people who share our vision and have a passion for photography and/or writing.



We are accepting writing submissions of 250 to 1,000 words. We want to build a file of writers willing to go on assignment. Please send photocopies from your writing portfolio as well as any proposal ideas.


Photo + Text

We are looking for photo-documentary style articles because photography will make our magazine unique and be a very powerful complement to the articles. We also like art work or projects that deal with cultural issues and Canadian identity. However, we are not accepting art projects unless they deal with cultural and social issues.


We understand that ití»s hard to find the right medium to publish your work. Depending on the article, we pay $25-$100 per article and/or photography. We lunched our magazine under the normal challenges; however, we believe we have the capacity to grow rapidly because of the current high demand for awareness of diverse cultures.

We encourage writers, photo journalists and artists working in text and image to become involved with our magazine and expand their talent.  


To send

You can call 604-800-2272 or send email at editor@diversemagazine.ca


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