Presenting at DIVERSE is a great way for businesses or institutes to share their vision on multiculturalism and get recognized by our readers.



DIVERSE Magazine is a multicultural awareness publication specializing in art, culture and heritage with inspiring visualcontent for Canadians as well as international readers.

DIVERSE style: 8 X10.5 inches, 48 pages on environmentally friendly recycled paper. 4 issues per year: March, June, September and December

Our readers

DIVERSE has a circulation of 8,000 with four issues per year. This allows our advertisers to reach post secondary students and professors through colleges & universities; visitors and tourists through culture and tourism related institutes including information centres; international students through language schools; and citizens through public libraries.  Also arts communities, immigration related institutes and politicians in municipal, provincial and federal levels.


DIVERSE is a paid magazine. Copies can be purchased nationally and internationally at Chapters/Indigos bookstores across Canada and the USA through our distribution company, DISTICOR. Not only in big cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver, but also in small cities our readers can find a copies at the bookstores.

Deadlines for Camera ready artwork & special features

  • Spring 2011 Issue: February 20, 2011 (Diversity & Workplace)
  • Summer 2011 Issue: May 10, 2011 (Diversity & Media)
  • Fall 2011 Issue: August 20, 2011 (Diversity & Arts)
  • Winter 2011 Issue: November 10, 2011(Diversity & Language)

To contact

You can call 604-800-2272 or send email at m.lee@diversemagazine.ca


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    DIVERSE......"Each person is born into a unique culture. All deserve respect.Ħħ